10 things how to enjoy a train ride

After several post about my trip by train someone ask me how to enjoy a train ride because travel by train  take long hours. So how to enjoy a train ride? Actually depend what inside the train have and what type of coach you take 1st class , 2nd class or seater etc. Depends also on the regulation like maybe they are not allowed you to enter other coach. So different country maybe different regulation. Normally I like to explore new things so that I can plan to do something useful so that I can kill my free time. So this is 10 things I have done in a train .

 1. Mingle with local people or with backpacker. Talking can do wonders to relieve boredom.

2. Play poker or anything game card

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3. Walk around from back to back

4. Hangout and chill at restaurant on the train

5. Busy body or try to found out what’s going on .If the train stop for awhile try to found what happen like what I’m doing I try my best to take photo at every station that the train stop by.

6. Try to have experience using pantry or toilet. Even tough is not comfortable a least you feel how’s the toilet is shaking.

7. Sleep at late night or any time you want

8. Read a book / ebook  or bring your iPod or mp3 player.

9. Look out the window if there is good scenery or something interesting to look at. If not, it is best to just stick to the activities above.

10. Doing crazy things when you feel so boring

The most important thing is 

Don’t be too loud on the train. This counts for your music as well, use headphones and keep the volume down! Respect others.

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