22 Things To Do In Kuala Selangor

Most of the people think about Kuala Selangor is fireflies and monkeys. But actually it has more than that. Base on info from local friends we have 40 thing to do in Kuala Selangor. But for now i would like to share only 22 things to do here.

1. Tanjong Keramat Fort

The ruins of this fort, also known as Bukit Belanda (literally ‘Dutch Hill’) are located on a low hill close to the mouth of the Selangor River. It was originally built by Sultan Ibrahim, the 2nd Sultan of Selangor, who reigned from 1782-1826

2. Makam Keramat Anak Dara

Nearby on a small rocky hill is a shrine venerated by the locals called Makam Keramat Anak Dara or Virgin’s Grave.

3. War Memorial

In the middle of a roundabout at the start of Jalan Keramat Tanjong (see map) is a small obelisk erected by the British to honour Allied and local soldiers who died during the two World Wars.

4. Royal Mausoleum & Meriam Penggawa

The next 11 Kuala Selangor attractions can all be found on Bukit Melawati, the main hill in the heart of Kuala Selangor. To tour this hill, you can either take the Tram Ride (see below) or walk.

5. Poisoned Well

Next you will pass the poisoned well which was said to have been poisoned with a mixture of latex and itchy bamboo shoots and used to drown traitors. Some plastic water bottles appear to have been added to the mix by thoughtless litterers.

6. Traditional Games Museum

This museum was unfortunately closed during my visit. Its opening hours are supposed to be 9:30am to 5:30pm daily (closed on Mondays). Free admission.

7. Lighthouse

The Kuala Selangor Lighthouse is the town’s most famous landmark and symbol. It was built in 1907 and is also known as the Altingsburg Lighthouse which was the old Dutch name for Bukit Melawati. It is 27m high and its light can be seen 18 nautical miles away. It is not open to the public.

8. Moon Viewing Pavilion

In front of the lighthouse is a modern pavilion which was built specifically for the purpose of sighting the new moon to determine the beginning and end of the Holy Month of Ramadhan and other events on the Islamic calendar.

9. Historical Museum of Kuala Selangor District

The Kuala Selangor Historical Museum (Muzium Sejarah Daerah Kuala Selangor) provides information such as the development of the town and its surrounding area, its role as a trading centre for the collection and export of tin and how Kuala Selangor became the capital of Selangor State.

10. Monkeys

There are troops of loveable silver leaf monkeys (silvered langurs) who like to frequent the road and tree branches in front of the museum.

11. Batu Hampar

This ‘bedrock’ is a large stone situated in the corner of what was the Sultan’s garden. Some say it was used to behead traitors while others, more probably, claim it is where the Sultan used to sit to watch the sun setting over his domain while enjoying the cooling breeze which blows across this corner of the hill.

12.  Malawati Fort

Nearby are some well preserved stone walls of the original fort (Kota Melawati) and cannons are strategically positioned with far reaching views over the surrounding area

13. Melawati Mound

This 12 foot high mound was built during the reign of Sultan Ibrahim who used to observe cock fights here. It is believed that under the mound is a door to a cave which acted as the government’s treasury. Could there still be treasure buried here?

14. Tram Ride

The path brings us back to the starting point of the Bukit Melawati trail which is also where the pick-up point and ticket office for the Tram ride is located. Tickets are RM5 adult and RM3 child (ages 3-12). This ride also includes the fish park (see below).

15. Taman Ikan Air Tawar

A short walk away is this small freshwater fish park with a few aquariums displaying a number of local fish species such as the Toman. There are also a couple of modest aviaries and a lotus pond. The entrance fee is RM2 for adults and RM1 for children. You can find more details on my blog.

16. Kuala Selangor Nature Park

Kuala Selangor Nature Park is made up of mangrove forest, mud flats and secondary forest habitats and is a sanctuary for many bird and animal species. Read about it here.

17. Auntie Foo

A good place to take refreshment is Auntie Foo’s located in a heritage style building in the town centre. The sign outside this smart café says ‘since 1935’. They sell home made ice creams, dried local seafood products and souvenir items and provide brochures and maps on local attractions. They have wifi.

18. Chinese Temple

On the opposite bank of the River Selangor are a couple of Chinese temples, one of which is called the Monkey God Temple.

19. Seafood Restaurants and shops

20. Fireflies at Kampung Kuantan or Firefly Park Resort

Firefly Park  Resort Bukit Belimbing  Kuala Selangor is the only place is the region  where you can witness the sight of millions of firefliess flashing  in synchronory often referred to as the “Eighth Wonder of the World”. You will be taken on a boat ride along the Selangor River where the fireflies inhibit around the branches of the “Berembang” trees along the riverbank.

21. Shakti Temple Bukit Rotan

Sri Shakti Dhevasthanam Temple is a Hindu Temple located at Bukit Rotan, Ijok, Selangor. This hindu temple is about 9.5 KM from Kuala Selangor town center, and about 6.6 km from the Persimpangan Ijok LATAR. Sri Shakti Dhevasthanam Temple in Bukit Rotan is being constructed strictly in accordance with the ancient scriptures such as the Vedas, Agamas and Sirpa (architectural) Sastras. It will be recognised as an outstanding example of Hindu Sirpa Sastras (architectural scriptures). This hindu temple will incorporate all the structures that constitute a proper Amman Temple according to Hindu Agamas.

22. Sky Mirror

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