Who are we?

We are Muiz, Wan  and Lim 3 guys from different planet but meet up because of same hobby and interest. We are scoutmaster , traveler and backpackers. We share same value , life and dream. Therefore we want to share our passion in this website so that everyone can learnt something from us.

Muiz Misri

Muiz is a avid traveler but not vacationist. He just finish 28 days travelling around IndoChina consist 5 country Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.He is a travel blogger, travel writer, web master, internet marketer and avid traveler but not vacationist. Sleep , Money , Girl, Haversack and Book always in his mind. Sometime he’s crazy but when it comes to work i become really serious. But actually he is easygoing, open minded and straight forward person.

He also founder and travel blogger for Malaysiabackpackers.com and at also as CO-Founder for  Kamibackpackers.com. His life is all about travelling and backpacking. Sometime he like to update about his personal life and travelling at his personal blog .Why? Because he love so much travelling as backpacker. If you like to know more about him you can check at his personal website at http://www.muizmisri.com/.

Wan is outtdoorman and photojournalist. He like to travel and taking photo. On his past time he like  to go hiking and climbing, Now he is the official photojournalist for Malaysia Backpackers and also other travel Malaysia magazine. “…believe that by will n passion comes great values in life…n beyond…”


Lim Sze Koon

Lim Sze Koon aka Lim or Koontz like to travel and  he’s so proud with Malacca culture. Funny and crazy when he start to dance. He’s the best guy to explain about Malacca culture and heritage because hestay at Jonker Street.

Asyiqin is a part time traveler. She loves hiking and food hunting. She believes that every hard work will be pay off when focus and didn’t give up easily
Saya syafika atau nama panggilan saya kaka.saya suka travel dan seorang pecinta makanan.hobi saya dimasa lapang adalah menulis novel. Saya seorang yang banyak bercakap dan periang..dan saya sangat menyukai Alam semulajadi.bagi saya alam semulajadi INI sangat-sangat mendamaikan.
Last but not list don’t forget to follow us on Instagram because we regularly updating travel picture while travel and backpacking.

Kepada yang ingin menyumbang cerita atau artikel apa-apa sahaja yang berkaitan dengan traveling, backpaking dan outdoor boleh email kepada kami di admin@malaysiabackpackers.com. Sumbangan artikal anda akan kami kreditkan NAMA dan LINK FB ANDA. Terima kasih.
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  • Kasia

    Hello Guys,

    I’m posting here in hope that maybe some of you will know a place worth recommending for a ‘workation’? Have anyone of you done something like this before?

    I’m thinking of travelling to Malaysia for 3 months in November and as I’ll be working on my thesis full time, I would love to find a quiet and private place to stay with a desk and a high speed wifi.

    In my head it’s all about waking up early, working for a few hours a day and spending the rest of the time exploring the area and making the most of being in a foreign country. It would therefore be great to be in a close proximity to a beach and other perks of Malaysian culture and cuisine.

    I was initially thinking Penang, but I’m very open to any location. I’m already looking at different places online, but it’s always best to ask around first! I have done a similar thing in Indonesia, and I found my current accommodation through a word of mouth – can’t speak of it highly enough! 🙂

    Hope to hear your thoughts and many thanks 😉


  • Terryson Chong

    Hi, Im a student from UTAR. We would like to invite you to give a speech and share some travel experience with us. How can i contact you.

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