Hi, Salam 1 Malaysia , if you need my consultation how to travel in Malaysia with backpackers style and low cost you can direct email me at FOC and i will try to help you at the best but I prefer you guys join Malaysia Backpackers Group to get latest information about current activity and event. At the same time u guys can ask/share anything about travel and backpacking in Malaysia and also other country.

For promotion and content marketing we provide various method of online marketing. Let see the below example :

For Advertise

Why Advertise on

In today’s day & age, the Internet no doubt is a very effective medium in which advertisers can put their messages across.

How About Our  Website Performance ?

Current status taken on 18 April 2016. Average our unique visitors are 4000. Before the end year we target to achieve 10,000 visitors. For ‘Number Of Visit’ average visitors are 6500 monthly.
So with your product and services will easily reach from 4000 to 7000 potential customer per month.
Monthly Report 2016 dgn water mark

What are Banner Advertisements?

Well, one way to look at it would be to associate them with flyers and banners that use to fly across the streets in the olden times. In this day and age, Banner Advertisements are placed onto Websites just like Billboards are placed along roadsides & highways. In the massive network & routes linked within our site that forms part of the Information Superhighway, Banner Advertisements are placed onto Web Pages that span across our site. Such advertisements can be both static or consist of interestingly catchy animated slogans, logos or pictures.

Outstanding Content & Extensive Reach

If you have surfed around our Portal, you would have noticed the currently holds wide array of Interests & Topics available to our visitors. That is how we attract all new surfers to join as a member and also our members keep on coming back for more. can be considered a starting point on the net for people who are looking for Malaysia travel guide. We prefered content about event and activity related with tourism, culture, food and music.

1. For Leaderboard Ads
a) Size 728 x 90

2. For Banner Ads

a) Size 250 x 250



b) Size 250 x 125


Paid Review

We do paid review in any event, product and service related with travel and lifestyle as traveller . For example :

    1. Product : 
      a) Product lunching – Travel Power Pack Innergie
      b) Product Review – Travel Adapter Pelbagai Guna
                     C) Food Review – Berbuka Puasa Di De Palma Hotel
    2. Event :  International Bird Race
    3. Services : Hostel Review  – Hotel Container Ipoh
    4. Video Review :

Social Media Marketing
(Video Marketing, Post Marketing, Graphic Marketing)

We will make your product and services become viral and well known through social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Through social media easily will drive the traffic to your will website and at the same time your product and services become well known either local or international.

a) Post Marketing


b) Video Marketing

c) Graphic Marketing
For further discussion please contact us at : or 012-6944380

We look forward to working with you

‘Never Stop Exploring’
Muiz Misri



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