Experience in Mabul Island

Pulau Mabul is relatively small and one can walk around it in just 30 minutes. It is lovely and offers a rich and varied experience for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts alike. It is oval in shape, its sand is white and soft, and it is fringed by the Celebes Sea. Mabul is not as well-known as nearby Pulau Sipadan, the oceanic island with its exceptional underwater marine life. However, Mabul island is know well known as a muck diving paradise and as a paradise tropical island for resorters. Since a few resorts (from budget to luxury) have come up in Mabul in recent years, comfortable accommodation is available for those who book early (the hotels are often fully booked). Those who come for Sipadan (don’t forget to book your Sipadan permit long in advance) will stay on Mabul island as the two are very close. The best beach resort (perfect for families) is Sipadan Mabul Beach Resort!

For honeymooners and non-divers, the best over-the-water is Mabul Water Bungalows Resort:
Mabul Water BungalowsBoats to Mabul and Sipadan are available from the coastal town of Semporna is in the state of Sabah in Malaysia, Borneo. Semporna is better-known to the outside world as the gateway to popular tourist dive sites such as Mabul, Kapalai, Sipadan, Mataking Island, Pom Pom island, etc. Because many tourists to these islands pass through Semporna, the town has developed fast to provide the tourists with facilities for shopping, rest, and entertainment. Mataking Dive Resort is the most exclusive resort in the area and can also sends guests to Sipadan on a daily basis: Kapalai is popular not just because it has got a spectacular marine life, but also because of the presence of Sipadan-Kapalai Dive Resort. This luxury over the water resort is a wonderful example of architecture and privacy perfect for honeymoons and weddings. The resort is built on stilts, and comprises of 50 chalets. The rooms each offer fantastic views of the sea along with beautiful sunsets. Scuba Diving in Sipadan Places like Kapalai, Mabul, and Sipadan are places where you can have the full spectrum enjoyment of diving because of the clearness of the water and the richness of the underwater marine life. Sipadan island features thousands of species of fish and hundreds of species of corals, as well as many other marine. Mabul island is also a good place to dive, and it is famous for what is known as muck diving, and it’s colourful critters. Serious divers will want to stay on Seaventures Sipadan Dive Resort which has many Sipadan dive permits: Snorkeling in Sipadan No professional training or certification is required for snorkeling. All one needs is a snorkel, which is a breathing tube, and face mask and fins to go down into the water. And snorkeling allows you to watch the rich and colorful underwater world and its inhabitants without a heavy equipment. For your information Sipadan Island ranking No 5 in World’s Top 10 dives sites by Lonely Planet.
Mabul and Sipadan island offers many snorkeling and diving packages designed for individuals, groups, families and couples.

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