Part 2 : 2nd nite in Kuching

The price for Boat ‘tambang’ that u should pay but depends on you if u want give more. U can take the the boat at Waterfront.

 This is the local food that easily u can get. Org panggil ‘Nasi Ayam Penyek’

This picture show ‘gerai’ that sell many malay food . Mostly malay food and halal. U need to take boa tambang at waterfront if u want to go there.
For (a), (b),(c) is the only restaurant that sell Sarawak traditional food at Al Fayad Bamboo Chicken . U can refer at my 1st part of Solo Backpackers in Kuching. Most of the recipe are from ethnic in Sarawak. The cook traditionally with bamboo and banana leaf ( daun pisang). But it’s take time to cook or siap . So if u really want plz be patience ;). U need a group of people to eat there because the package most for 3-4 people or more. Macam mana pun makanan semenanjung tetap sedap hehhehe

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