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Wanted: Ramen exchange students.


Japanese ramen is evolving every day. In response to your passionate desire  to visit Japan and eat ramen, we are now recruiting  “Ramen Exchange Students” from six Southeast Asian countries!
If you pass the first “ramen quiz” screening and the second “video examination” screening and are successfully chosen as a “Ramen Exchange Student,” you’ll get to actually experience authentic ramen in Japan as a reporter for the ramen program to be uploaded to this website from January.
A round-trip plane ticket from the exchange student’s country to Japan, transportation and lodging within Japan, and ramen meals will be provided free of charge (FOC). Give it your best shot and apply!Number of “Ramen Exchange Students” being recruited: 1 person each from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines (6 persons in total)



Eligible Applicants:Persons who are both citizens and residents of one of the following countries: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, or the Philippines.*Limited to legal adults who can travel to Japan during the specified study abroad period.
*Dietary considerations Please note that most ramen shops in Japan use pork bones to prepare their broth. Although not all types of ramen feature a pork topping, the soup or broth may contain pork fat or pork marrow.The four steps to becoming an exchange student :
Step 1: First Screening: Ramen Quiz Time AttackTry your hand at a quiz about Japanese ramen! If you can get 70 points out of 100 within the time limit, you can proceed to the second screening!
Step 2: Second Screening – Video Examination Theme:
Eat Ramen in a Way That Makes it Look Delicious!
Apply by using a smartphone or other camera to film a video of yourself eating (or pretending to eat) ramen in a way that makes it look delicious!
Screening Criteria:Comprehensive judging will take place based on the criteria below, and applicants will be selected after a telephone interview.
・How delicious is the ramen made to appear by the applicant’s way of eating (or pretending to eat)? 60%
・Appeal and skill of video expression 30%
・Applicant’s own profile, character, English ability, etc. 10%*Notification of how to apply to the second screening will be provided to applicants who have passed the first screening and registered their email addresses!
Step 3: Exchange Student Selection!

Exchange students will be decided upon after the video examination.

*Selected applicants will be contacted individually via email or other means (scheduled for early November).

Step 4: Ramen Study Abroad

Chosen applicants will travel around Japan as “Ramen Exchange Students” with a film crew, eat Japanese ramen, and make video reports.

*The study abroad period is planned to be for 3 nights and 4 days sometime between December 1-5, 2014.(May require up to 6 days, including time for travel to Japan.)Please note, however, that these dates may change due to various reasons.*A round-trip plane ticket from the exchange student’s country to Japan, transportation and lodging within Japan,and ramen meals will be provided free of charge.*Details of the study abroad will be explained again to applicants chosen as “Ramen Exchange Students.”

Application Period:Oct.10-Oct.31

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