Revisit : 3 Days In Melaka

I realize I never post my itinerary about Melaka even tough I have been so many time but I didn’t remember how many time I went to Melaka and yet I still want to visit Melaka again and again,  In this time I just have short visit to Melaka whereby I arrive on friday night and going back on sunday morning. So let see what’s I’m doing in Melaka :).1. Visit Building Of The Fortress








2. Walking around Melaka City

  • Melaka Stamp Museum
  • The Malay and Islamic World Museum 
  • Free tour guide around Melaka City
  • Hangout at Food Paradise (food court), Mahkota Parade



Free tour guide around Melaka City




 Mostly they have some event in the museum.







For full story about Melaka in the early 1900’s click HERE










3. Lunch at Mamee Jonker House





for full story about Mamee Jonker House click HERE


4. Walking around Jonker Walk







5.  Sunday Morning – Cyling around Jonker Walk and Melaka City








6. Drink’s Klebang Coconut Shake at Klebang, Melaka

I will try soon to post more activity and things to do in Melaka but first I need to find my old photo first about Melaka because I have been a lot of nice/unique in Melaka but never published before.
So stay soon 🙂

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