Top 10 Travel Destinations in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the most mesmerizing
places on earth offering a unique experience for tourists. The country is
blessed with a wide range of picturesque natural formations in addition to
amazing modern architectural structures and resorts.Many enthusiasts will agree that it is
worthwhile to visit the following places while on a trip to Malaysia:
The town owes its name to King George III
of Britain and is found in the north eastern part of Penang Island. Its most
appealing feature is the unique architecture that preserves the cultures of its
former and present inhabitants. Houses built in the colonial era are protected
by law and are juxtaposed to modern Chinese constructions.
Kuching hosts several museums that document
the history of the Malay people. The Kuching Civic Center is magnificently
built on a hill and tourists can catch a glimpse of the amazing view of the
landscape around. Leisure walks mixed with learning opportunities are a great
experience during the day before retreating to the waterfront to enjoy exotic
The Cameron Highlands is an exciting hill
station famously known for jungle trails, thick forests and waterfalls
convenient for picnics. It is inhabited by a mixture of ethnic tribes such as
Malays, Indians and Chinese among others. The development of this station was
initiated by the British way back in 1920.
Taman Negara is the Malay translation for
national park. It is an ancient rainforest that boasts of indigenous trees, an
array of jungle treks and high waterfalls and some of the most talked about
canopy walkways. It is a natural habitat for some of the most endangered
species in the wild such as the rhino, tiger, Asian elephant and leopard.
Pulau Tioman has already made it into the
Time Magazine named as a paradise island in the 1970s. This acclaim has made it
one of the most visited places in Malaysia. Located in the east coast, it has
enviable white coral reefs that continue to attract scuba diving enthusiasts.
There are times that tourists are more than indigenous communities especially
between November and February. A walk towards the interior leads one into a dense
For quite some time, Kuala Lumpur became
the focus of modern architecture when Petronas Twin Towers stood as the tallest
buildings on earth based on number of floors. However that acclaim was stolen
by the Taipei 101 in 2004, but not entirely. The twin towers are still the
highest due to the pointed tips. Its architecture is based on Islamic art with
its walls a mixture of concrete, steel and glass. One can cross between the two
towers via a bridge on the 41st and 42nd floors.
Mount Kinabalu is found in Borneo and
stands at approximately 4,095 metres. Its biodiversity is unique and so far it
has been proven to have 326 bird species, over 600 fern species and 100 mammal
species. Unlike other mountains, one can climb Mount Kinabalu without
mountaineering gear although it is strictly advised to have guides for any
The underground Mulu Caves is a sight to
behold and is situated in a rainforest with a mountainous terrain. It is also
found in Borneo. The Sarawak chamber is said to be the largest cave on earth
and can comfortably accommodate 40 Boeings 747s. The caves have a large
population of gigantic bats that create a spectacle when they go out in the
These Islands can be found in the north
eastern part of Malaysia bordering Thailand. They are famous for budget tourism
with a wide array of affordable accommodation. With long white sandy and clean
beaches complemented by a beautiful blue sea, they make the perfect destination
for holiday goers. Visitors from all over the world frequent here.
Langkawi is the most famous tourist
destination in Malaysia. It is an amazing archipelago comprising 99 islands
spread in the Andaman Sea. It boasts of long and wide white beaches, hilly
jungles and numerous mountain peaks. Its diverse landscape with a great range
of choice restaurants easily makes it the ultimate holiday place in Malaysia.
A mix of the traditions of the jungle
tribes and the contemporary Kuala Lumpur lifestyles is an experience worth
every cent. You can easily travel here using a UK passport.

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