What is WEBE? We Be …..

  1. Is a private company subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia (TM).
  2. Restructuring the company and replacement of P 1 (internet provider company) as new company, new philosophy and everything will be new.
  3. After upside down they travel around Malaysia to get new idea, inspiration and to understand the people needs. That’s how the idea come in.
  4. As a new brand and new company they start to engage with community through community.webe.com.my to create awareness that they exist in the telecommunication industry.
  5. Through community.webe.com, is added value of the company to give back to society and also to engage the community to support the initiative from people to people.
  6. What’s next? About data plan. When ? I dont know but I’m sure will be a couple of month.

P/s . Jangan berhenti berharap

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