What you can do when you are transit more than 6 hours at KLIA ?

There have a lot activity you can do between Kuala Lumpur and Klang. If you like about history or heritage I suggest spent time at Klang. Why ? Because idea of the Kuala Lumpur city is begin in Klang from the Royal Selangor Family.

1st step : Why not visit Tourism Malaysia Tourist Information Center  (TIC) Meet & Greet at KLIA or KLIA 2. A lot information about Malaysia you can get directly from the tourism officer.

2nd step : Why not take a KLIA Express to Kuala Lumpur. The journey took 28 minuets.

3rd step : Then from KL Sentral take KTM Commuter to Klang. The journey took 60 minuets. You will reach the old city of Klang.

4th step : There are a lot place to visit around  Klang city such as Royal Gallery Sultan Abdul Aziz (The Royal Gallery Klang, The former Chartered Bank, Alam Shah Palace, Church of Lady of Lourdes, Tengku Kelana Street (Little India), India Muslim Mosque, Sri Nagara Thendayuthapani, Klang Fire Station and Gedung Raja Abdullah. Let’s me share a little bit about the place :

The Royal Gallery Klang

The gallery which is the brainchild of His Late Majesty the Yang Di Pertuan Agong XI, Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Alhaj, the late father of the present Sultan, was first established in 1988 to house Majesty’s personal collection of artifacts,memorabilia and royal paraphernalia. Visitors will get and an insight of the late Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah’s childhood and early years as a crown prince, his career in military and public officers until his appointment as the eight Sultan of Selangor in 1960 and as the eleventh Yang di-Pertuan Agong in 1999.

DSC_0099 (Copy)
The Royal Gallery Klang

The Former Chartered Bank

The former Chartered Bank was established since 1874. It was the first financial institution in Klang. The Chartered Bank was first in London (1853) by James Wilson under a Royal Charter from Queen Victoria (1837 – 1901). The building is design in Neo-classical style. The wing is linked to the main building by two covered footbridges on the first floor. After renovation the building is now home to an indian boutique shop.

Royal Klang Club

Established in 1901, the social and recreational club was an informal gathering of a group of British planters, civil servants, and port administrators. The club’s interior is worth a visit. The Smugglers Inn, a marine inspired dining room is a must see. The club’s upstairs was once the place entertainment with plays such as Othello, Midsummer Dream by Shakespear. Entrance to club is by special permission.

DSC_0117 (Copy)
Royal Klang Club


Alam Shah Palace

The artistic Alam Shah Palace is the most iconic building of Klang. Located on high ground, the palace was erected on the site of the previous Istana Mahkota Puri (1903) for the installation of the faith Sultan of Selangor. The present Sultan of Selangor uses the palace for official ceremonies and royal investitures. Entrance by special permission.

DSC_0123 (Copy)
Alam Shah Palace

Church of Our Lady Lourdes

One of the oldest religious buildings in Klang. Our Lady of Lourdes Church was built 80 years ago. The church is a rare example of masonry structure found in state. Yet, in 1918, this signature church began as mere wooden house standing on a hillock close to Jalan Kota. Today, the church stands along busy Jalan Tengku Kelana radiating a sense of serenity to passers-by.

Klang Convent School

The Holy Infant Jesus Sisters from Bukit Nanas Convent in Kuala Lumpur started a school in Klang for girls and boys in a small shop house on Rembau Street, the old name for Jalan Tengku Kelana, it was officiated by former Acting Secretary to the Resident of Selangor Sir William Peel on January 28, 1928.

Tengku Kelana Street (Little India)

Jalan Tengku Kelana, also known as Little India is one of the biggest Indian streets in the State. Fierce competition among shop owners has resulted in cheaper prices of merchandise for both the locals and tourist. People are literally spoilt for choice, with myriad items being sold on the sidewalks, including sarees, textiles, bangles, necklaces, stainless steel pots, jewelry, flowers and indian delicacies.

DSC_0145 (Copy)
An old women at Tengku Kelana Street (Little India)

Indian Muslim Mosque Tengku Klang

First built to cater for the Indian Muslim community who lived in and around Klang town. A local businessman first administered the mosque then known as Masjid India Selatan Klang. From a small wooden structure, the mosque had undergone four stages of transformation to cater to the growing needs of the Indian Muslim community. Uzbek artisans had contributed to the mosque’s decorative designs. Of the earlier structure retained, were the mausoleum of prominent businessman of the Indian Muslim community of Klang and pieces of five-pointed star window set in a floral design.

DSC_0192 (Copy)
Indian Muslim Mosque Tengku Klang

Kuil Sri Nagara Thendayuthapani

The Sri Nagara Thendayuthapani temple is the oldest and richest Hindu temple in Klang. It is situated at the junction of Jalan Dato Hamzah and Jalan Bukit Jawa. The temple provided as place of worship for early Indian immigrants and it is now an important cultural and heritage of Klang.

Klang Fire Station

This beautiful Victorian style construction was build in the 1890s, primarily to safeguard the town from fires. Today, the building still serves as a fire station. Though is has been renovated throughout the architectural design features are well maintained, keeping intact the way it looked hundred years ago.

DSC_0164 (Copy)
Klang Fire Station

Gedung Raja Abdullah

Built in 1857, Gedung Raja Abdullah was first used to store weapons, tin and food. In 1874, the British converted the warehouse into government offices, in which the first council meeting of Selangor was held in 1880, Gedung Raja Abdullah was turned into a police station and remained so until 1974. The lock-ups with heavy iron wrought gates still exist and was turned into museum in 1985. Currently, the building is temporary close restoration undertaken by National Heritage Development.

DSC_0194 (Copy)
Gedung Raja Abdullah

Within for 3 – 4 hours you can covered all the place if you spend in short time. So I suggest better you spend more time in the Royal Gallery Sultan Abdul Aziz so that you can get the over viem about Klang and Royal Family. At the same you will understand the connection between 2 city Klang and Kuala Lumpur. Then you select  4 – 5 place just around the city.

DSC_0098 (Copy)
I with post guard wearing the old uniform during British colonial at Royal Gallery Klang

Try lunch at Restaurant Daun Pisang , they serve you using banana leaf with rice mix with chicken and curry. Sedap!

Now you can plan when you are transit more than 6 hours at KLIA

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